Heckel ModelPrice list




This instrument is not only a musically exceptional instrument; rather, it is also a work of art in the musical-instrument arena due to the generous addition of many handcrafted details. The Heckel Model has a short settling (attack) time as well as a brilliant sound with a wide tonal spectrum. It reacts to minute alterations in embouchure, thus enabling very delicate control of tone and sound.


  • gold brass
  • bell diameter 130 mm, nickel silver “Heckel” garland, material thickness very-thin
  • bore diameter 11.2 mm, medium measure
  • design engraved garland, valve caps and valve lever
  • nickel silver valve group, bronze valves, spiral spring mechanism with SW4-joints
  • long water-key at main tuning slide
  • pitch-finder trigger mechanism and water-key at 3rd valve slide, compensation hole at 3rd rotor house
  • C-key vent hole
  • forged “Heckel snail”
  • strong lead pipe brace
  • forged brace at 1st valve slide
  • gold plating


This model is also available as a C-Trumpet.