Master workshop for brass instruments

Silence, tranquillity and love of the profession are the ingredients that bring each individual instrument to its completion. Only through sensitive perception of the interrelations between scale length, flow pattern, bore, material thickness, position and number of struts, etc is production of these high-quality instruments possible. All models have been individually calculated, computer measured and have proven themselves in practical tests. Every new instrument is tested numerous times – you can thus rest assured that you are getting the best quality!

Accomplished sound for big performances.
All instruments are manufactured by master craftsmen. Musicians from all over Europe, Asia and America in the meantime belong to our long list of satisfied customers. The exceptional quality of “our masterpieces” is highly regarded.

Reconditioning and optimisation of instruments
With our specialised technical training, knowledge of various manufacturing processes and multiple years of practical experience, we are your competent partners for all questions regarding repairs, fittings and renovations for your instrument. We are available any time to give advice concerning these issues.