If you are looking for a new instrument, you have come to the right place.

You should not purchase any instrument without first trying out our instruments.

We might not have the biggest workshop, name or the most extensive marketing; but we can offer you musical instruments that are incomparable in quality. Our expert knowledge, master-craftsman background, as well as our continuous efforts to develop even better instruments for you have made us successful and well-known throughout Europe.

Our instruments are produced in small series using traditional craftsmanship combined with modern manufacturing procedures. Only selected materials are utilised, and these are frequently made to order for us specifically. State-of-the-art findings concerning acoustics and material structure are incorporated into the manufacturing process. Behind every one of our models there lies a comprehensive concept, upon which the respective material and method of construction are coordinated.

We have a broad spectrum of various models in order to offer each musician the instrument that is most suitable to him. We are flexible and therefore cater to special customer requests.


All of our instruments go through a rigorous testing process. We can thus be assured that only the best quality leaves our workshop. It is for these reasons that high-quality instruments emerge from our efforts; these instruments are subject to today’s very high standards and are thus highly esteemed by musicians worldwide. You are cordially invited to see for yourself the extraordinary quality of our instruments.

Brass Instruments Analysis System (BIAS)
We make use of the BIAS for development, optimisation and appraisal of our master instruments.


We can provide you with:

Rotay valve instruments           Piston valve instruments
• Piccolo-Trumpets                       • Bb-Trumpets
• Bb-Trumpets                                  • C-Trumpets
• C-Trumpets
• Fluegelhorns