Professional Line - silver platedPrice list



The silver-plated design of the PL-Trumpet is the most widely used version, it has the typically radiant and bright sound. It has a quick and direct response and converts the produced wave immediately into sound radiation. With heavy caps, more projection occurs directly ahead.

The characteristic and tonal emphasis of instruments in the PL series is evident in orchestral deployment (both modern and classical music). Based on our experience, this sound is also exceptionally suited to small brass ensembles and jazz combos.


  • yellow brass
  • special PL-bell, diameter 127 mm, French rim, material thickness medium-heavy
  • bore medium-large, medium measure
  • stainless-steel valves, hand lapped
  • long lead pipe (reversed lead pipe)
  • 1st valve slide U-pull
  • 3rd valve slide finger ring and stop screw
  • water-key at main tuning slide and 3rd valve slide
  • silver plating


  • PL-heavy valve caps
  • clear backed lacquer
  • gold plating