Our trumpet NEW GENERATION represents the epitome of sound-projection. Due to the large-bore and the “airstream-system” curve, the air in the instrument is re-accelerated. The thick-wall material and the balanced reinforcements at tonally-relevant locations prevent self-resonance from the instrument; the sound-wave in the instrument is reflected and bundled in such a manner that the projection (sound radiation) occurs directly forward. The sound has presence, is round and remains the same at all registers. Through precise separation (stoppage) of the tones, this instrument enables easy and exact breath-projection at all dynamic levels.


  • yellow brass
  • heavy corpus, “airstream-system” bell-bend and tuning slide bend
  • NG-bell, diameter 132 mm, Selmer rim, material thickness special-heavy
  • bore large, medium measure
  • stainless-steel valves, hand lapped
  • long heavy lead pipe (reversed lead pipe)
  • heavy tuning slide crook
  • heavy valve caps
  • 1st valve slide U-pull
  • 3rd valve slide finger ring and stop screw
  • Amado water-keys at main tuning slide and 3rd valve slide
  • silver plating
  • caps and buttons gold-plated
  • heavy mouthpiece 1 ½ C


  • gold plating