Low Bb-Natural trumpet<Price list



When you place an instrument for the first time into a pupil’s hands, he/she will almost always attempt to produce a tone while pressing the valves down. Since our instrument has no valves, this is avoided.

The horn-player thus has to concentrate right from the beginning on breathing technique, on embouchure and, as a result, on pure mouthpiece blowing technique. Because the measure-length is twice as long, a very open blowing technique is facilitated, and more natural overtones are available. Due to the Bb key, the same tones are produced as with a valve trumpet, thus enabling ear-training as well.

We developed this model for student use; but it is also readily used by trumpeters as a method instrument for warming up.


  • yellow brass
  • bell diameter 135 mm, French rim, material thickness medium
  • bore diameter 11.0 mm, medium-large measure
  • clear backed lacquer