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Naturtrompete DetailNaturtrompete Detail


Our natural trumpet was developed based on historical instruments and is made with modern manufacturing processes. To archive a precise response and slotting we adjusted the measure and added 4 ventholes (4 hole system). The sound and radiation is very close to historical instruments.

We developed this trumpet in cooperation with trumpeter of “Deutsche Oper Berlin”.

This instrument is available with 7 tunings and can be expanded to each of the other tunings.
A whole Set for the 7 tunings contains of: 1 corpus (bell-section), 4 bows, 2 leadpipes, 7 tubes and 4 intermediate tubes.


  • long trumpet, tunings: Eb, D, Db, C, Cb, Bb, A
  • 4-hole-system
  • yellow-brass
  • bell diameter 123 mm, material thickness medium
  • bore diameter 11.5 mm, medium-large measure
  • lead pipe leadpipe interchangeable, for mouthpieces with baroque trumpet shaft
  • handle ball


  • leadpipe for mouthpieces with standard (modern) trumpet shaft
  • case/gig bag, suitable for our model