Eb-Fanfare trumpet - long constructionPrice list



Our model is not only used as a fanfare trumpet, but as a professional musical instrument as well. If you value sound, response, intonation and first-class workmanship in a fanfare trumpet, you have found the appropriate instrument here. It has an open and precise play feel and the sound has presence and sustain.

We have developed these Eb fanfare trumpets in collaboration with the Stabsmusikkorps Berlin, where you can see and hear these instruments played in many deployments there.


  • yellow brass
  • bell diameter 140 mm, nickel silver garland, material thickness medium-thin
  • bore diameter 11.5 mm, medium-large measure
  • lead pipe interchangeable
  • water-key
  • handle ball
  • 2 loops for flag
  • clear backed lacquer


  • model in gold brass
  • case, suitable for our model