Piccolo-Trumpet Master Class Price list


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Our piccolo trumpets have a full, round, euphonious and soothing sound, which is very important, particularly in the high range in which these instruments are played. These instruments are most suitable as solo instruments or in a trumpet group. This sound spectrum mixes well with other instruments, whereby the pleasingly round and Baroque resonance always has presence and radiance.
The solid thumb- or hand-bracket provides stability for the instrument, which has a direct and positive effect on the sound. Due to this bracket, the playing position of the right hand is relaxed as well.


  • gold brass
  • bell diameter 100 mm, French rim, material thickness medium
  • bore diameter 10.55 mm, medium-large measure
  • nickel silver valve group, bronze valves, spiral spring mechanism with Minibal-joints
  • water-key at 4th tuning slide
  • lead pipe interchangeable for A-piccolo and for Bb-piccolo
  • clear backed lacquer


  • 4th valve lever interchangeable left/right
  • cornet shank lead pipe for A-piccolo and for Bb-piccolo
  • pitch-finder trigger mechanism at 3rd valve slide, compensation hole at 3rd rotor house
  • silver-plating
  • gold-plating