Piccolo-Trumpet Classic Model Price list




The Classic Model has a fine blow- and play-behaviour, thus allowing highly differentiated blowing. The sound spectrum mixes well with other instruments, but at the same time the pleasingly round and Baroque sound always has presence and radiance. In terms of appearance, it has elaborate artwork engraved in the valve levers and valve caps, the standard-feature interchangeable fourth valve lever right/left and gold-plating. It conforms well to our production concept for handcrafted and fully-equipped instruments.


  • gold brass
  • bell diameter 100 mm, French rim, material thickness medium
  • bore diameter 10.55 mm, medium-large measure
  • design engraved in valve caps and valve lever
  • nickel silver valve group, bronze valves, spiral spring mechanism with Minibal-joints
  • water-key at 4th tuning slide
  • lead pipe interchangeable for A-piccolo and for Bb-piccolo
  • 4th valve lever interchangeable left/right
  • gold-plated


  • cornet shank lead pipe for A-piccolo and for Bb-piccolo