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Due to the thin-walled bell piece, the thin-walled tubes and the respectively coordinated strut design, this instrument has a distinctive and defined self-resonance. The model has a short settling time and a round radiation of sound within a room. The sound blends well with other symphonic instruments.
Our trumpets in the X-series have a play-feel similar to a piston-valve trumpet. This occurs due to application of the Family Zirnbauer valve-system with its special air-passage geometry.


  • gold brass
  • lightweight corpus
  • bell diameter Ø 132 mm, French rim, material thickness thin
  • bore diameter 11.2 mm, medium measure
  • nickel silver valve group, bronze valves, spiral-spring mechanism with Minibal-joints
  • water-key at main tuning slide
  • pitch-finder trigger mechanism and water-key at 3rd valve slide, compensation hole at 3rd rotor house
  • gold plating