Model Heckel IIPrice list



This instrument model has a short settling (response) time and a round sound that blends well with other instruments. The model reacts to minimal alterations in the embouchure, thus enabling very delicate control of tone and sound. This trumpet is based on the Heckel Model. Due to an up-to-date construction process, this model offers an interesting alternative to our Heckel Model.


  • gold brass
  • bell diameter 130 mm, nickel silver “Heckel” garland, material thickness thin
  • bore diameter 11.2 mm, medium measure
  • design engraved garland and valve caps
  • nickel silver valve group, bronze valves, spiral spring mechanism with SW4-joints
  • water-key at main tuning slide
  • pitch-finder trigger mechanism and water-key at 3rd valve slide, compensation hole at 3rd rotor house
  • clear backed lacquer