Erfahrungsbericht: Piccolo Trumpets

Martin Schmidt builds the finest four valve piccolo trumpets that I have ever played!
As the author of „Method for Piccolo Trumpet“ (BIM), I am very aware of the various instruments that are produced today…and Martin’s are the BEST! They may look like other German piccolo trumpets, but they play SO MUCH BETTER!
These trumpets play especially well with a true piccolo mouthpiece such as those made by Dave Monette (Charlier taught us to use the appropriate mouthpiece for every key of trumpet!). The response is wonderful, the sound is full and robust and the intonation is terrific! Playing trills and producing quick ornaments is easy with his rotary valves. You will find that the workmanship is flawless…and these instruments are absolutely the „top of the line“. I highly recommend them as well as his mezzo soprano instruments. These are „as good as it gets“!

Gerald B. Webster – Trumpet Artist and Professor – Washington State (USA )